The TERRASource Advantage

There’s good reason why TERRASource Geothermal systems are industry-best.  One-hundred percent of our attention is focused on ensuring our geothermal systems continuously out-perform and out-class other vendors who simply “dabble” in our industry.  At TERRASource, we live and breath geothermal systems – it’s all we do!  Here are some of the top competitive advantages TERRASource offers you.

Pre-Engineered Geothermal Systems with Top Quality Materials

Pre-engineered means you’ll save THOUSANDS on your geothermal system.  Our geothermal systems are fabricated at our factory by highly-trained and specialized engineers who utilize professional-grade materials to build your system.

Environmentally Friendly

TERRASource Geothermal systems are environmental-friendly. They generate no on-site emissions, do not burn gases, contain no combustible liquids, do not produce carbon monoxide,  nor carbon dioxide, and have the lowest emissions among all heating and cooling technologies. EPA found that TERRASource geothermal heat pump systems can reduce energy consumption — and corresponding emissions — by over 40% compared to air source heat pumps and by over 70% compared to electric resistance heating with standard air-conditioning equipment.

TERRASource Equals BIG Savings

TERRASource geothermal systems represent a savings to homeowners of 30 to 70% in the heating mode, and 20 to 50% in the cooling mode compared to conventional systems.

Up To $10,000 in Financial Incentive Support

TERRASource is the only geothermal company that has specialists on staff that will assist you in receiving up to $10,000* back from your TERRASource Geothermal System using existing City, County, State, and Federal Grants, Credits, Bonds and more…

Superior Operating Efficiencies

TERRASource controls the volume of flow through the individual circuits on the balancing manifold. The fluid volumes can be re-directed to provide optimum return temperatures. This allows our heat pump systems to perform better and more efficiently.

Avoid Catastrophic Down-Time

One of the biggest competitive advantages of a TERRASource system, over other conventional geothermal systems is TERRASource’s ability to continue working in the event of failure.

While other systems completely SHUTDOWN and no longer provide heat/cool to your space until it is repaired, TERRASource owners enjoy the benefit of no mechanical connections in the loop field… This means a TERRASource system is far less susceptible to failed manual (fused) connections.  Combine this benefit with the ability to isolate any loop from the system manifold, and your heat pump will continue to operate.  This allows your TERRASource geothermal system to continue providing you with heating/cooling comfort.

No Specialized Equipment

With standard interior threaded fittings, and continuous field loops, TERRASource requires no fusion welding or flush carts.

Highly Customizable

Combine TERRASource geothermal systems with our RADSource radiant floor heating for maximum comfort and savings.  Or simply improve upon packaged kits with multitude of accessories available.

Fully Scalable

Most geothermal systems are rigid and fixed.  TERRASource geothermal systems can easily adapt for increased heat pump or multiple unit requirements.  Quickly and simply add manifolds without draining and dismantling existing installations.  When you grow, so does TERRASource.

Easy Loop Troubleshooting

With a TERRASource geothermal system, each loop circuit is connected to an interior manifold, which provides you with easy access to each individual circuit to measure the flow and/or temperature.  This allows for diagnosis of the system, without having to dismantle the entire system.